Helitomson Group

•Since 2011, The Group is Formed to create solution to improve global societies standart of living throught  all it’s facilities From real estate, retail, social commerce, import, export, supply chain distribution, factory, and more up coming projects.

•Our goal is to create 1 stop social commerce for FMCG & the largest online grocery shopping from B2B & B2C worldwide

Helitomson Commitment

Corporate Culture

  • Growing in every second
  • Never say “NO” & “CAN’T”, be A CHALLENGER
  • Self-Motivation & Targeting; understand you own Objective
  • Grow together & together we become the best of the best
  • Be Logic, Stop Argue, Expect nothing & Listen
  • Never surrender without taking action, GET THE DEAL
  • High Efficiency & High Effectiveness (E2)
  • Detail & Consistent
  • Societies Societies Priority
  • Always use ‘And’, not ‘Or

Our Characteristic

• Complain makes us improve

•Quality Team work for perfect output

•Create excitement in Working Place

•Learning every single day and improve everyday


•Never Afraid to Make Mistake, just don’t do it purposely & never repeat the same mistake!